Ex-Booklister Blurbed on Book Blogging

A shout-out to former Booklister John Green, quoted in Publishers Weekly (“To Blog or Not to Blog?” by Sue Corbett) on the subject of blogging authors:

But just as e-mail and comments have replaced those sacks full of letters popular authors once got, the written blog is already considered very 2006. Green has already cast aside his so-yesterday text entries for “Brotherhood 2.0,” a video blog (a “vlog”) he does with his younger brother, Hank, a Web designer. They take turns posting two-minute videos about a Seinfeld-style smorgasbord of random topics. A recent entry had John stranded at O’Hare in the midst of a tour to promote last fall’s An Abundance of Katherines. He interviewed himself about his flight being canceled.”My whole life I’ve had crazy ideas and stupid projects and some of them have worked out really well,” said Green, who can’t imagine not blogging, but does predict the form will continue to evolve. “I will blog until it’s replaced by something more awesome, by a feed or something. And then I will blog directly inside your head.”

And John, while I’ve got your attention, I have a confession to make. In my review of Chuck Palahniuk’s Rant, I stole a phrase — “consume-or-die worldview” — from your review of Lullaby. I found myself thinking, “couldn’t have said it better myself” — and, well, I didn’t. Thanks, buddy.



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