Murr, Matar, Richards, & Béchard Win the Commonwealth Regionals

The Commonwealth Writers’ Prize 2007 has announced the winners for the “Europe and South Asia Region” (that covers a bit of ground):

Best Book Award

The Perfect Man, by Naeem Murr (Random)

Best First Book Award

In the Country of Men, by Hisham Matar (Dial)

The “Canada and Carribean Region” winners were:

Best Book Award

The Friends of Meager Fortune, by David Adams Richards (MacAdam/Cage)

Best First Book Award

Vandal Love, by D.Y. Béchard (Doubleday)

Winners for two more regions — Africa and “South East Asia and South Pacific” — will be announced March 15. (How’s that for March madness?) The regional winners move on to the finals, where they compete for the 21st Commonwealth Writers’ Prize, which will be announced in Jamaica on May 27.



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