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He could have at least picked up trash along the highway

Here’s a heart-warming story of a man who didn’t let a prison sentence stop him from writing a book. Take that, whiners! Oh, wait. Sigh. Make that a “heart-worming” story. 

I first saw this story in this morning’s Chicago Tribune (“Dracula book gets American early release“), while I was fending off the jam-covered hands of my two-year-old, but the Guardian headline, besides actually letting you know what the story is, has more flair (“Dracula Book Gets Pedophile Off the Hook“):

IASI, Romania (AP) – An American historian sentenced to seven years in prison for sexual perversion and abuse of minors won early release from prison Tuesday because he wrote a book about Dracula, his attorney said.

His lawyer, Liviu Bran, said the historian was released early because he wrote a book entitled “The life and Times of Vlad Dracul” while he was in prison. The book, written from September 2003 until October 2006, was counted as community service, Bran told reporters.

I’m not generally in favor of encouraging the writing of memoirs, but here’s an idea: how about making him write a book called I Knew She Was Under 18 and I Still Did It: I’m Sorry?

There’s a bizarre kicker, too:

Treptow moved to Romania in the 1990s and was director of the Center for Romanian Studies in Iasi, which is housed in a building owned by the espionage service. The service has declined to say whether Treptow worked for them.

It’s hard for me to imagine that the Romanian espionage service would hire someone of dubious character.



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