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Germaine Greer's "Lovable" Word

In the Guardian, in her volunteer review of Will Alsop’s Peckham Library (“Flashy libraries? I prefer to get my adventure out of the books not the building“), Germaine Greer reveals what her favorite word would be, if she were the sort of person who chose favorite words: library.

Every now and then a writer will be asked to nominate a favourite word, and out will come “magenta” or “elfin” or “thrash” or whatever else floats up through the murk. Writers cannot have favourite words because every word in its proper place is perfect, but, if there were to be a word that remains lovable for me, even when set adrift on meaninglessness, it would be “library”.

She also offers a sentence that I hope to see on T-shirts at the 2007 ALA Annual Conference this summer:

Libraries are places where you can lose your innocence without losing your virginity.

Note her informed use of the word can.



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