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But is he any good at video games?

Eleven-year-old Michael Dowling, a prodigy with an IQ of 170, has just delivered his third fantasy novel, the last in a trilogy, to his publisher. (Dowling writes with his mother, Diane Purkiss, under the pseudonym Tobias Druitt). The first book, Corydon & the Island of Monsters (2006), was called “a treat for readers who enjoy viewing old stories from new vantage points” by Booklist reviewer Krista Hutley.

Zoe Williams’ interview with Dowling in the Guardian (“I dislike the term gifted”) doesn’t even touch on his writing, but it’s fascinating anyway. It seems entirely possible that Dowling will prove an exception to the seeming rule that all prodigies are off-balance psychologically. Then again, he could have a midlife crisis at 18. I hope not–he seems like a great kid.

“You don’t choose your friends for IQ either, they might be funny or have amusing conversation or you might like them for other reasons. I’ve been particularly lucky in that several friends of mine are almost as intelligent as me.”



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