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Regan Sacked!

From the New York Times:

 . . . a stunned Ms. Regan was confronted by security guards who arrived with boxes and ordered her to leave . . .

Judith Regan, she of the O. J. Simpson book imbroglio, has been sacked, allegedly for making anti-Semitic remarks. People who scrutinize the industry much more closely than I do have all sorts of theories about this. (And, as usual, you should read Galleycat. And also this interesting opinion in The New York Sun.) They examine the “real” reasons, factor in the personalities of the players involved, and so on.

I’m not qualified to make a pronouncement on the particulars of this case, but–call me a cynic–I really wonder if the same slurs (if uttered as alleged) would have been grounds for dismissal before If I Did It blew up in the face of News Corp./HarperCollins/ReganBooks. Regan has long been famously difficult, after all, and most corporate behemoths manage to look the other way at all sorts of unsavory behavior–until the behavee is perceived as hurting the brand or the bottom line.

Stay tuned for Regan vs. Friedman. (Jane Friedman, the CEO of HarperCollins Worldwide, is apprently the one who signed Regan’s pink slip.)

(I know I said I wasn’t going to blog about If I Did It anymore, but I had no idea it would lead to this!)



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