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Pablo Fenjves, Part Two

Longer articles on the reclusive Mr. Fenjves, O.J. Simpson’s ghostwriter, appear in the Los Angeles Times:

For now, Fenjves remains holed up in his Brentwood home – the same one he lived in when he was Nicole Brown Simpson’s neighbor – fending off reporters who are awaiting the conclusion to this latest chapter of the Simpson drama. Ironically, when he was interviewed recently on KABC-AM, Fenjves said that one of the perks of his job was anonymity.

And in The New Yorker:

Still, Fenjves is undaunted. "It’s going to be bigger than ever," he said. "It’s like ‘Ulysses,’ except without the talent."

In the latter article, author Jeffrey Toobin notes that last year, Regan published Fenjves’s parody of James Frey’s A Million Little Pieces, titled A Million Little Lies. Fenjves’ parody of the made-up memoir appeared under a made-up name: James Pinocchio.



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