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World War, Three

George Eberhart, a senior editor at American Libraries (and an author himself), e-mailed a contribution to the war books project before I went on vacation and, sluggard that I am, I let it sit in my in-box until now. A few of the titles stray from my “wars with American involvement” criterion, but rules were made to be broken. George is a good guy, and I know these must be good books (we have some corroboration from Booklist reviewers, too, you’ll note). Full disclosure: I haven’t read any of them.
Some war books I have read recently and can whole-heartedly recommend:
Lebanon’s Civil War
Pity the Nation: The Abduction of Lebanon, Robert Fisk (Nation, 2002)
Not hot, but Cold War
Milt Bearden and James Risen, The Main Enemy: The Inside Story of the CIA’s Final Showdown with the KGB (Random House, 2003) 
We Were Soldiers Once and Young: Ia Drang, the Battle That Changed the War in Vietnam, Harold G. Moore and Joseph L. Galloway (Random House, 1992)
Hungarian Revolution, 1956
A Testament of Revolution, Bela G. Liptak (Texas A&M, 2001)
Korean War
What’s a Commie Ever Done to Black People? Curtis Morrow (McFarland, 1997)
Chinese Civil War
Chasing the Dragon: A Veteran Journalist’s Firsthand Account of the 1949 Chinese Revolution, Roy Rowan (Lyons, 2004)
World War II
Enemy at the Gates: The Battle for Stalingrad, William Craig (Hodder & Stoughton, 1973)
The Mask of Warriors: The Siege of Warsaw, September 1939, Marta Korwin-Rhodes (Libra, 1964)
Spanish Civil War
The Passionate War: The Narrative History of the Spanish Civil War, Peter Wyden (Simon & Schuster, 1983)
American Civil War
Michael Shaara, The Killer Angels (Ballantine, 1987)
More full disclosure: I just added Enemy at the Gates to my Amazon shopping cart.



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