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Back in the "Office"–at a New Address

Well, if you’re reading this, then you’ve successfully followed the map I left–covered with candle-smoke smudges and “here be treasure” scrawls–at the old blog address. Welcome. I’m so excited to be here that I spent an hour yesterday reclassifying all of my old posts into new categories. Okay, so most of them fall under “Books and Reviewing.” I’ll probably add more categories. As you’ve noticed, this blog is a work in progress.

I’m back from vacation but still on family leave until the end of September. I’ll be reviewing and blogging at about two-thirds power until I’m back in the office (my real office, downtown).

Vacation was wonderful. I enjoyed seeing my family over my shoulder while I repeatedly chased my two-year-old through unlockable screen doors and toward large bodies of water. I was going to describe it as “controlled chaos” but that gives a misleading impression. I hope that future vacations will feature some degree of “control.”

My favorite moment was watching my two-year-old jump on a couch with his cousins until he was too tired to climb back up. Theoretically, he could do that anywhere, but at least in Montana there was a beautiful view of mountains out the window.

I toted a couple of books around, and acquired a third while I was there, but my attempts at reading were pathetic. I read 43 pages of Sandra Mackey’s Lebanon and half of the first short story in Claire Davis’ Labors of the Heart. I did make it through a short story in The New Yorker while my brother carried the baby and my wife chased the two-year-old. I can’t tell you the title or the author but I can definitely describe the plot. Reading it was pure bliss.

Since I’ll be staying here (at this URL) awhile, I plan to finally flesh out my list of links to other blogs and sites. Watch this space. (More precisely, the space on the left.)

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