Okay, I’ll Say It

Yesterday, a Reuters article discussed the growing number of U.S. senators with authorial ambitions. A cynic might say that writing books while in office isn’t the best use of public servants’ time. A bigger cynic might suggest that the senators aren’t doing much of the writing, anyway. And an even bigger cynic…oh, never mind.

Loyal readers will note a sudden slowdown in blog entries from their loyal blogger. Things are getting a bit hectic around the office right now. Next week I’ll be traveling to New Orleans for the American Library Association’s Annual Conference. The week after that I’ll be starting twelve weeks of family leave, an opportunity to get to know my younger son a bit better. And right now we’re busily trying to roll out a piece of technology that will allow us to make “Booklist Editors Recommend” links faster and more plentiful.

And then there’s the World Cup.

The slowdown is temporary. And I’ll still write Likely Stories while I’m on leave. They may take away my desk – well, okay, I chose to leave my desk – but they’ll never take away my soapbox!



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