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Not a Cable News Show

I might have overdone it yesterday, so just a few final links on the Kaavya Viswanathan controversy (if this were a high-school newspaper or a small-town mini-mart I could spell it “Kontroversy” – how I wish I could):

Slate’s Jack Shafer explains Why Plagiarists Do It

…Kaavya Viswanathan apologizes again

The Book Standard claims a weird scoop for Kirkus

The Onion gets wicked (scroll down a little)…

…and the book gets yanked from the shelves.

I know some of these links aren’t of the two-minutes-ago variety, but hey, I’m a book reviewer, not a cable news show. And in keeping with that, I think I’m done with this story, unless it turns out that Viswanathan has ruined someone’s birthday party or something equally juicy. If I milk the same story too long, I fear I might turn into a cable news show.

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4 Comments on "Not a Cable News Show"

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  1.' Ilene says:

    This really got me up to speed on Opal and plagerism. I think Slate might have been a little hard on Doris Kearns Goodwin. Of course she does have a phalanx of researchers to blame her missteps on.

  2.' Keir says:

    That’s a defense Viswanathan forgot to try: it wasn’t me, it was my researchers!

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